Monday, January 10, 2011

Show time

I've been trying to have a life and that little undertaking is coming to an end as Parliament returns and I shall be paying more attention to what goes on there, not forgetting the curious development in relationship between the EU and Switzerland. There is a longish posting about Russia in the works. But in the meantime, here is something to cheer everyone: Frank Sinatra and Dinah Shore singing a medley.

Enjoy! Back to work tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for that Helen. Ah, the good old days, when you could appear with a cigarette - and singers could sing!

  2. : Switzerland, yes intriguing going to be extremely interesting watching how that plays out!

  3. Only Sinatra and Dean Martin could sing with a cigarette in hand and mouth. I recall a Dave Allen skit (gosh, how that dates me) where he tries to smoke, drink and sing a la Francis Albert. You can imagine what happens.