Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oh dear!

A very swift reaction to an article on the Freedom Association website about the EU Bill, going through the House of Commons as we speak and Amendments tabled at Committee stage. I have not seen the exact wording of the Chris Heaton-Harris's Amendment and am, therefore, relying on the article for information.

The article displays a certain lack of knowledge. For instance it starts with the words
Today Parliament has a chance to back amendments to the European Union Bill, and give the British people and Parliament the power to stand up to the EU.
Ahem, we are talking about the House of Commons merely and Parliament consists of two Chambers. Recent experience tells us that the House of Lords is much more likely to stand up to the British government, never mind the EU (which even an amended EU Bill is not going to make possible).

Secondly, on the basis of this article it would appear
One of the amendments being tabled by Chris Heaton-Harris says that for any decisions made at a European Council summit, transferring powers away from Britain to the EU, firstly the Government must make a statement in the House, and secondly the proposed EU legislation can only pass through an Act of Parliament. This would give Parliament time for additional scrutiny, and act as a bulwark against the present unsatisfactory situation.
I see TFA is hedging its bets, referring to a European Council summit. It's either one or the other and what it is is a European Council. The Prime Minister makes a statement after each one but very little of the actual legislation is decided at those Councils as Mr Heaton-Harris, having been an MEP for some years, ought to know. Clearly, even this amendment is not going to try to make EU legislation, which is decided between those Councils by and large, inferior to British legislation.

UPDATE: I note that the author of the article has (after my comment) changed Parliament to House of Commons, which is accurate.

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