Saturday, January 1, 2011

Believe it when I see it

The fragrant hackette Melissa Kite of the Daily Telegraph tells us that
David Cameron faces the prospect of an embarrassing defeat on Europe next week as Labour prepares to join forces with Conservative Party rebels to oppose a flagship Bill.
Mind you, the actual article is not nearly so straightforward and that possible defeat is hedged with lots of maybes and possibles. But still, a possible Tory rebellion and defeat for the government over matters to do with the EU. Now when have we heard about it before? (Here, here and here) And next week? Well, we shall see.


  1. She also said this before Christmas:

    There is no chance that these Tories can ambush Dave now that she has outed them.

  2. What we need are some Tories with guts to take on Cameron. There are millions in Britain very disappointed in the fact that he has turned into a Lib Dem. All that was promised has been sidelined and its as if they are just off on their own Westminster agenda. How dare they ignore us the way Labour did.

  3. Peter, because they can. Cameron has form as a non listener, only his "yes" men are heard. He cares naught for the Country or it's People, he's alright, Jack. Just another spoilt child playing with his toys.