Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Hill and Bill show is back

Well it might be back. Hard to tell what Bill Clinton's visit to Kim Jong-il was all about. According to the official Korean Central News Agency, former President Clinton took a verbal message of some kind from President Obama. According to the White House that is bunkum.

Associated Press, on the other hand, sees Machiavellian manoeuvres on the part of the Hill and Bill partnership. It is worth noting that no matter what the personal relationship between those two might be the political partnership remains unbreakable. I was going to say that the only marriage of that kind I can think of in recent history is that of Duff and Lady Diana Cooper but that is not an accurate parallel as Lady Diana never showed any open political ambition but was content to manipulate events or try to do so behind the scenes like Evelyn Waugh's Mrs Julia Stitch. (Keep up there at the back.)

Then we get the next piece of news. It appears that Bill Clinton travelled to North Korea not just to dine with the Dear Leader (not Obama, the other one) but to secure the release of the two American journalists who have been sentenced for espionage in true Communist style.

According to this the trip was arranged by the Administration with former Vice-President and Chief Global Warmist Al Gore the designated legate. The North Koreans, showing an acumen one hardly expected, refused to host Mr Gore. So, off went Mr Clinton and, seemingly, came back with the goods.

What are we to make of it? Is this another attempt on the part of the Obama Administration to shore up that plummeting popularity without which the man is nothing or, rather, he is seen to be a power-mad socialist who is desperate to take control of many parts of American life as Day by Day has so graphically expressed?

Or are we witnessing the first stirrings of the HillandBillbeast? After all, Madam Secretary of State's performance so far has been far from stellar and this may well push her into the limelight.

Another question that needs to be asked rather urgently is what has Kim Jong-il been given in return for the two journalists?


  1. My asumption is that the US political establishment, especially Bill & Hillary Clinton, have for many months now been waiting for the storm over Obama's false Hawaii birth certificate (& his genuine Kenyan one) to burst into the open. It's going to be hard for Obama to deny he wasn't born on 4 August 1961 at the Coast General Hospital in Mombasa Kenya as the Kenyan birth certificate states - & that he therefore is NOT a natural-born US citizen. Naturally Hillary & Bill will want to come out of the debris of the Obama regime intact & enhanced. See the following link for the Kenyan document:


  2. Hmm....to the above, but the fact is Hill is busy. She is visiting Kenya today!

  3. Helen,
    I didn't see it mentioned in the AP story you linked,but Hillary already has a $3,000,000.00 campaign war chest.
    Hillary Clinton says running for office isn't on her "radar," but she still has an eight-person political team and sports two overflowing campaign war chests.


  4. I am leaving the subject of the birth certificate alone. Nobody has seen no birth certificate nowhere. The only question is why does Obama not simply produce it. I find it hard to believe that anybody would have travelled from Hawaii to Kenya to give birth there. The Kenyan health sector then or now is not the world's most famous. I realize there is a constitutional issue here and Hill&Bill may know something we don't. For the time being I await real evidence and would be much more interested to know more about Obama's record at the various colleges he has attended (presumably in the case of Columbia where nobody remembers him).

    Mikgen, yes, indeed, the Hill part of the circus is busy just as the other half appears successful in some rather weird negotiations. If I were Obama I'd watch my back. The Clintons do not forget and they may well decide on revenge.

    I have seen the story of the warchest, also the rumour that the website HRC2012 has been acquired. So far these are rumours and stories but definitely to be watched.

  5. More on Hill's African jaunt that really makes my scratch my head:

    Hillary of Africa

    Remember that she is serving in Obama's cabinet and he was actually campaigning for his distant (or not so distant) relative Odinga, the man behind the post-election massacres, one wonders what goes on in the WH / State Dept these days.

  6. We all did wonder how Hillary and The One will get on. So far The One has been winning. Payback time? Maybe.