Thursday, August 6, 2009

Why I have no time for Western feminist organizations

Actually, I do not need to write about that at the moment, though, eventually I shall. Phyllis Chesler has put it much better in the first segment of her latest column. I know people who say things like that. Oh yes, they also tell me about people's "culture" and how one must not interfere with it. Hmmm. I tend to ask why "respecting other people's culture" always seems to result in a bad deal for women.


  1. The rantings of a rabid hockey mum (/sarcasm)

  2. Darn, can't see it. But I have been reading what the lady has been saying. Palin/Bolton 2012, say I.

  3. Pity. The video is from a talk she held in Henderson, Nevada, October 21, 2008.

    It was not her usual stump speech. Apparently she must have slipped the leash of her handlers. According to comments elsewhere she was flanked by female members of the Democratic party.

    One cannot but marvel at the terminal ineptitude of the McCain campaign to allow this speech to be hidden. Anyway here is quick transcript of her final comments on the clip:

    "That belief in equal opportunity is not just the cause of feminists. It is the creed of our country. Equal opportunity. And if I am given the honor of serving you in the White House, I intend to advance that creed in our own nation and beyond. Because across the world, there are still places where women are subjugated and persecuted, as they were in Afghanistan; places where they are bullied and brutalized and murdered in honour killings. Places where women are sold like commodities, in the nightmare world of the sex trade; places where baby girls are unwelcome as a matter of state policy, and their mothers are forced to have abortions.

    No one person , no one leader can bring an end to all of these evils - to all the injustices inflicted on women. But I can promise you this. If I am elected, these women will have an advocate and defender in the 47th vice president of the United States."

    Strangely enough (hm, hm) it was directly after this speech, which was hardly mentioned or discussed on the MSM (although FOX apparently sent it live), that the discussion on Palin's clothes started.

    And who says that Willi Münzenberg isn't alive and kicking?

  4. "And who says that Willi Münzenberg isn't alive and kicking?"

    Not me. Of course, the McCain campaign was idiotic and shambolic and we hear all these Republicans now who sniffily dismiss her. Idiots. They should go all out and fight for her and with her.