Monday, August 10, 2009

True enough

A picture, as they say is worth a thousand words though, in this case, the words matter as well.


  1. You might have seen this article in USA Today, but have you seen the comments? Last time I checked there were some 850 comments and hardly any pro HCR and/or Pelosi. The Democrats are in real trouble.

    PS: Did you see my post on the thread "Why I have no time for Western feminist organizations"? (Unfortunately your e-mail seems to be off again. Tried to mail that and other links but all mails bounced).

  2. Sorry Mikgen. I did see the comment but been a little lax on blogging matters. Will reply. Have no idea why my e-mail is misbehaving. If it is any consolation AOL is driving me up the wall as well.

    Comments on USA Today attacking the Dems? What is the world coming to? :)