Saturday, August 1, 2009

Yet more graves, yet more bodies

Gazeta Wyborcza reports that
Remnants of murdered Poles have been discovered in an Orthodox cathedral in Hlybokaye in Belarus. The local prosecutor's office has refused to launch an investigation and blames the Nazis. But historians say it's an NKVD crime.
As one historian pointed out if it had been a Nazi crime an immediate investigation would have been ordered.

The likelihood is that theser are the remains (hardly bodies after all these years) of Polish officials, possibly some officers, and professionals who were arrested in eastern Poland after the Red Army's invasion.
The most mysterious chapter of that massacre was the death of at least 7,315 (according to other sources, over 8,600) Poles who were arrested by the NKVD in Poland's then-eastern territories. Some of them are certainly buried in Bykovnia near Kyiv (where remnants of Polish officers were recently discovered) and in Kurapaty near Minsk. The places were thousands more Poles are buried remain unknown.

The Poles were executed by special NKVD units sent directly from Moscow. Five such units operated in what is now Belarus. One of them, led by Lt Nikolai Kozhevnikov, operated in Vileyka near Hlybokaye.
There is, however, a problem. It is not that President Lukashenka denies that these arrests and executions had been carried out; it is simply that he does not see that there was anything wrong with that. The Great Leader, Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin was right.
Belarussian president Alexander Lukashenka is known to be an admirer of Felix Dzerzhinsky, the creator of NKVD, who was born in what is now Belarus, and of Joseph Stalin. Belarus is preparing today for grand celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the Soviet Union's invasion of Poland, which is to be a great display of the country's unity. In Brest, where the Wehrmacht and the Red Army held a joint parade in September 1939, a monument commemorating the 'bright day of 17 September' is to be unveiled.
Sounds like a great idea. They can invite all those Western academics. journalists and politicians who still refuse to acknowledge what really happened in Eastern Europe during the war. I can provide them with a list.

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