Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Chicago way in the White House

Barack Obama, though an outsider, took to the Chicago way like duck to water. He rose through it and used it to trounce all opponents including Hillary Clinton. Then he brought it to the White House. But, asks Michael Barone, who will pay for it?

Living, as we do, in a country where politicians just assume that however hard they hit the wealth-making private sector, there will always be enough money to keep them in office though evidence shows the contrary, we may find it difficult to understand that this is a relatively new idea to Americans.


  1. Brown and Blair have managed to virtually destroy Britain, Left wing. Obama is now destroying America left wing and not left wing of the American kind but of the European variety. At the twilight of a civilisations the end is always ushered in by incompetent government. The West R.I.P.

  2. Chicago has one of the highest sales taxes in the US (10.25%) and has just cut a quarter of its buses. A disaster area for public finances.