Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In praise of Hayek

Just links, this time because it is worth reading the articles rather than odd quotes from them. Max Borders in the Washington Examiner and Monty Pelerin on American Thinker talk about Hayek's importance and the need to revisit his ideas. My one quibble is with people who say The Road to Serfdom is difficult. I am most certainly not an economist but found that slim volume exceptionally easy to read. But if you really do not want to spend any time crunching words, here is the cartoon version.


  1. The problem with the cartoon version is that the nice, well-meaning, planners don't need strong-men in obvious fascist uniforms to put their plans into action. They were able to use the "non-partisan" media to undermine our elected representatives to the extent that the politicians willingly handed power over to the "expert" planners in the quangos and the EU.
    It very difficult to tell people that their freedom is threatened when there arn't soldiers on the streets.

  2. I agree AKM but I suspect the cartoons were created when the link with fascism and other forms of socialism were a little more obvious. But your last point really sums up the problems we face.