Friday, June 18, 2010

An interesting fantasy

Pajamas Media has published an interesting fantasy by James Bennett, the man Andrew Roberts has described as "the godfather of the Anglosphere". (Full disclosure: Jim is a very good friend and we agree on most things, especially the importance of the Anglosphere. In this article he speculates about the possibility of Chancellor Merkel suddenly deciding that she and her country have had enough. Genug!


  1. You're quick, I was just about to post a link to that in your comments. :)

    I find it difficult to see any of the current batch of Euro politicans actually taking that route though; actually putting their national interests above that of their favorite EU project.

  2. Wishful thinking nanny uses to say if you wish for something hard enough (& the DM was nothing if not hard) it will come to you. Hope the Bundesbank has had the presses rolling....never met one single German who wanted to abandon the DM; shafted by Kohl & Mitterand, they never had a choice.