Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Something of a mess

There is so much around, especially on American blogs about the Obama - McChrystal mess that it seems superfluous to add anything. The best summary seems to be by Claudia Rossett, which is not surprising. Glenn Reynolds adds his own comments. Politico thinks that, whichever way you look at it, this is an embarrassment for the White House, as, indeed, was the earlier altercation when President Obama dithered about his response to General McChrystal's plan that he had asked for. Michael Yon, as we all know, has been warning for some time. Here is that "infamous" piece on NRO. A couple of comments here and here on Neo-Neocon are worth reading and mulling over. And, of course, Michelle Malkin on the "McChrystal mess". There really is no other way of putting it. As it happens, I do not see any parallel with General MacArthur, who went directly against the Commander-in Chief, that is the President. This mess could have been avoided by both sides.

UPDATE: The Boss deals in his own inimitable fashion with General McChrystal's enforced resignation. I do not, as it happens, agree that President Obama has come out well. This problem was created by him and reasserting his undoubted abilities as a Chicago thug will not go down well with the people of the country, many of whom would, in other circumstances agree that the general acted wrongly. For one thing, as this round-up by Glenn Reynolds reminds us, General McChrystal was President Obama's hand-picked successor to General McKiernan who had been unceremoniously removed.


  1. Victor Davis Hanson has a good summary of the state of play here:

  2. Yon has been invited back by both US and UK, according to this:

    That's excellent news, IMO.