Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Here we go again

Roni Sofer on Ynetnews.com calls his article: Israeli PR disaster, again. And how right he is. Read the sequence of events and the tardiness with which the IDF and the Israeli government presented evidence of what that wretched flotilla was really about. At the time I saw several Israelis posting on the internet about there being no Israeli feed from the area. Why not? Why were foreign journalists not briefed? Why were those pictures and videos that are now, belatedly, making their way round the internet not released earlier? Why were friendly bloggers not briefed? One can go on and on. It's a good thing so many of us are prepared to go on fighting for what we see as the right cause.


  1. In this, I think the Israelis must share joint first prize with the Serbs for their failure to communicate their case to "liberal" Western opinion.

  2. Well, it was more difficult for the Serbs once they could no longer produce those men and boys from Srebrenice. By the way, for a long time Western opinion was on the Serbs' side with disastrous results. Remember Douglas Hurd and the level killing fields?