Friday, September 17, 2010

A few news items from Iceland

Thanks to EU News from Iceland, which has been quoted on various occasions we can see that at least that country might be safe from the difficulties of EU membership.

It would seem that a new internet poll conducted by the radio station Bylgjan (admittedly not as scientific as some polls but, then, how scientific are they?) shows that 58 per cent is against Iceland joining the EU and 29 per cent in favour. The remaining 13 per cent, presumably, have just come back from holiday and cannot quite cope with the question.

Earlier the Icelandic government has decided that application for membership is not government policy. Oh dear me, no. Well not now that it is shown to be so very unpopular.

The Foreign Minister seems to be in favour still, but he is not happy because so many people are against. Do these people not know what is good for them?

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