Thursday, September 23, 2010

NGOs criticized shock!

A very good and very detailed article in Der Spiegel about the ghastly NGOs in Afghanistan and their lack of popularity. Something to do with the fact that they dare not leave Kabul, spend their money on their own security and welfare, appear to be pally with the Taliban, undermine the local economy and, generally, help nobody but themselves. Otherwise, there is nothing terribly wrong with them.

The Boss over on EUReferendum is ahead of me. He has linked already.


  1. It comes as no surprise to learn that all this aid is being squandered. It's what government agencies do best. This was documented in a book called 'Fishing in Africa' by a reporter who had experience of these agencies during the 1980's. If the agencies don't waste it, the local govermnet will. Very little trickles down to the'people'.

    This is in stark contrast to the small scale efforts of Christian organisations which concentrate on education and self reliance. One of our local churches supports a community in Uganda and what they have achieved with limited funding from the congregation and extended visits of volunteers is better and far more cost effective than anything that a large organisation could achieve. This could not be done in Afghanistan as they would put themselves and their recipients at risk of death.

  2. helen mikhail-fardOctober 5, 2010 at 10:15 AM

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