Saturday, September 11, 2010

What do they do between rages?

First things first: I am against book burning. This may sound a very trite observation but I have had to argue my way through a number of forums in the last few days over the lunatic pastors in one or two strange churces in the United States who said that they wanted to burn the Koran. I don't need to link to the story as it was all over the MSM in a way, as a number of people have pointed out, that any old common or garden Bible burning would not be. Naturally, I am against that as well and, equally naturally, I dislike the double standards, the hyperbole (burning the Koran is very bad idea but it is not the same as declaring war or invading a country and it is not the worst thing that could have happened in the world). Nor am I absolutely certain that the publicity hungry pastors did intend to do anything of the kind.

Most rational people have come out against it. These include, randomly, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Sarah Palin. In fact, the Koran burning has been cancelled with the possible threat of it being revived at some later stage. Nevertheless, it is not going to happen unlike the Ground Zero Mosque, the plan for which seems to be going ahead despite the outcry against it across the United States and even in NYC.

What has not been cancelled is the rage. Well, it is a few months since we have had a good Islamic rage story and the wretched Koran burning threat has been a gift to the ragers.

Thousands demonstrated in Afghanistan against Koran burning, which is not happening, in some place in Florida most of them have never heard of. Eleven people have been injured.

In Pakistan only "hundreds" turned out for a party to protest and burn the American flag.
An AFP reporter in Multan said about 600 demonstrators - including clerics, political party workers and activists - held four protests in various parts of the central city of nearly four million people.

Despite the Florida-based American church saying on Friday it had decided against burning hundreds of Korans, the Pakistani protests went ahead to make it clear such acts would not be tolerated in future, organisers said.
600? In Pakistan? That's pathetic. Nevertheless, one expects the rage to grow in proportion to the speed with which reasons for it disappear.


  1. I do love those, Mikgen. The Palestinian Minister of Uncontrollable Rage is pure genius.

  2. For the past fourty years western europeans have bee hi-jacked,bombed,beheaded,raped,murdered,mown down in thier hundreds at olympic games,blown out of the sky,colonised,soldiers abused in the streets of thier own country and "laws" imposed to blatantly discriminate against them,after all of this you still defend them,have you looked at the banner on your blog lately,because your kind of "enlightenment" will be the death of the entire western world.Have you seen the film "unthinkable"?

  3. No I have not seen "Unthinkable" and know very little about it. However, I happen to believe in liberty and see it as part of that Western culture that you appear to support r Cross. I can't see any point in fighting totalitarianism by jettisoning Western values. What would one be fighting for?