Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pledge to America

Republicans unveil their "Pledge to America". Something to remember when it is time to hold their feet to the fire. Of course, our politicians can pledge nothing to this country as they are not really in charge. With around 80 per cent of legislation coming from you know where and Parliament not being allowed to block it while HMG shows no interest whatsoever, there really is not point in pledging anything.


  1. It is about time they put a platform out there! I have been emailing and calling the RNC and NRSC to get something out there! People are charged up over here to vote. I am actually volunteering for the first time for our local GOP opponent against Rep Frank Pallone who is a carbon copy of Nancy Pelosi! Anyway wish us luck Helen. We want to get back to some basics over here. The spending and debt are out of control. The debt load now for every man woman and child is now at $43,000.00, and $103,000.00 per taxpayer! Yikes!

  2. I do wish you luck, Natalie. As I said before - not just Republicans but the right kind of Republicans.

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