Saturday, September 4, 2010

More on that State of the Union Address

More news about Commission President Barroso's (not to be confused with all the other Presidents in the EU) State of the Union Address that he will be making on Tuesday. According to Daniel Hannan, Tory MEP, Daily Telegraph blogger and all-purpose Conservative eurosceptic, the rival President, that of the Toy European Parliament, is proposing to fine those MEPs who do not sit through the entire Address. Who can be so heartless as not to laugh at their predicament?


  1. Yes, it is a real predicament....he, he. Well, according to DH there will be three checks and any MEP must be there during at least two of those checks. I assume we will see the start of an exodus after the second check....

    But seriously, though, shouldn't this event help concentrating the minds of the MEPs (I know I am assuming...) and get them to ask themeselves who their real bosses are supposed to be? The "president(s)" or the voters?


  2. But Mikgen, even if your assumption is correct about them having minds, do they really care as long as they get the goodies and can swank around at home pretending to be important?