Friday, September 10, 2010

No change then

As a typical little Englander I shall link to two stories that say more or less the same thing in French, both on AFP. This one is about French Budget Minister François Baroin, and it explains that he has been getting nowhere with his British counterparts who do not want to give up on the rebate. Then again, says M Baroin, we are not giving up on the Common Agricultural Policy. Indeed, President Sarkozy's position on a strong CAP is not negotiable. So there! Sucks to all those who think that the Cleggeron Coalition is going to reform the CAP. They may decide to give something in order to get something but will they get that something?

This story is about a proposed study by the Budget Commissar Janusz Lewandowski. It will be presented at the beginning of October and its subject is new sources of EU funding. That may include anything. After all the business of the European Union and its growth must not be stymied by the mean-minded member states whose politicians are worried that they will not be able to sell the idea of more money going to Brussels while many things at home will have to be cut back.

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  1. "Jean-Claude Trichet makes a pretty extraordinary comment. He seems to deny that the eurozone was ever really in crisis:"

    On Open Europe.... the EU is run by delusional sycophants, we have to get out, quick!