Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Yes, and?

The Daily Telegraph reports that the manufacturers' organization, the EEF, has suddenly woken up to something that the Boss on EURef and I on this humble blog have mentioned once or twice before (for instance here): you can make any promises you like about "one in - one out" legislation, it will not and cannot affect most of the regulation about such matters as environment, elfnsafety, working conditions that includes working time etc etc because it comes from the European Union and our own Parliament, even if it knows about the laws, cannot thrown them out.
The EEF, which represents manufacturers, said the decision to leave out EU legislation from the Government's recently launched "one-in, one-out" rule meant the burden of new environmental and employment regulation could rise unchecked.

A task force set up by the EEF, which included Rolls-Royce and Corus, called on the Government to replace this policy with departmental budgets by 2015.

The EEF's Steve Pointer said it would give the Government more flexibility. For instance, it would allow the Department for the Environment and Climate Change to meet carbon reduction targets or the Treasury to regulate financial services, while still enabling the Government to reduce the overall burden in business by giving other Whitehall departments negative budgets.

The EEF's members also warned of the damage being done to industry by the unfettered roll out of UK, European and international standards.

These largely private-sector organisations create valuable standards for machined parts, such as the thread on screws, the EEF said. But it added that industry had seen this role spread to setting standards in business process and management.
Well, it is good to know that they noticed but what exactly do they expect the government to do about it?

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